Saturday, July 2, 2011



I prayed for a miracle of complete healing for this sweet one and I asked everyone I knew to do the same.  God listens and he's working on it, I know, I believe.  We had lots of great news today.  Lenwood DOES NOT have the rare form of DENT Disease (a rare genetic kidney disease).  In addition, his kidney ultrasound looked 100% normal and beautiful.  His kidneys are no longer enlarged and there no signs of calcification.  His calcium tests came back normal and one of his two protein tests came back normal.  All great news and all things had not been normal before! 

So, we're not there yet, but we're on our way....He's working on it!   The second protein test (protein creatinine) was elevated.  And Dr. GW said, were it not for his high blood pressure, this one test would leave her to say, "Come back in a year and we'll check on it again."  But, Lenwood's blood pressure is high and we now have no idea why.  We have to find out and hopefully fix it.

She considered taking him completely off meds for one month, but decided that the bottom number on his blood pressure, diastolic, was just too high on almost every reading.  So, she took him off his diuril(for calcium leakage) and adjusted his lisinopril (bp medicine) dose.  This turned out to be a MAJOR blessing because she discovered the prescription for lisinopril was written incorrectly.  Lisinopril is a blood pressure med Lenwood was changed to a month before by another doctor because of high bp readings.  Lisinopril is a ONCE a day medicine and our prescription bottle read THREE TIMES PER DAY!  DR. GW ran a test and found very, very minor and reversible kidney damage due to this error and will check it again when we return.  She expects the damage to have reversed itself on the correct dosage of lisinopril.  We pray that his kidneys will heal and his blood pressure will regulate to normal levels.

We were so relieved to have such a hopeful appointment.  Going in, we were terrified as to how our lives might be forever changed after this appointment.  It was SUCH a relief to get good news instead of bad...such a relief.

We have to diligently check his blood pressure to gather data for the doctor before his next appointment in August.  I had his blood pressure checked on Monday and we just barely got it in under the limit she has set for him.  I had it checked again on Thursday and he had a wonderful, perfect, nowhere-near-his-limit reading! 

Thank you for your prayers, concern, love and support!  Keep it up!  They are working! 

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